Fantasie Damso

FANTASIE DAMSO (sound, installation) March 9, 2018 – New York Times ’Belgium’s national soccer association ended a collaboration with the rapper Damso on Friday after protests from women’s groups, politicians and corporate sponsors that his lyrics were sexist. Damso was to create the country’s official song for the World Cup, which begins in June in Russia. (…) In the statement on Friday reversing course, the Belgian soccer association said, “Unfortunately, this implies that there will be no official song for the 2018 World Cup.”’

Damso shared a fragment of the song on Twitter. Variations (or fantasia) on this fragment were made for MIDI guitar, bells and organ. A text-to-speech converter was used to guide the audience to the hyperlink of Damso’s twitter account and the specific fragment. ‘Fantasie’ refers to phantasy, imagination, as well as to a type of a musical composition.

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