A skate session on March 11th, starting at 14h, will take place at Malinas Skatepark (Mechelen). Girls and women* who skate, of all ages and at every level, are welcome but of course all-age/gender can join. It’s all about a chance to meet each other. Malinas skatepark is located at Douaneplein 2800 in Mechelen.

For those who are interested: there is a nice skateshop (‘Skatehouse Mechelen’) nearby.

No registration required.
Hope to see you there!

*I’m a musician and sound artist, working on a project with sports. I choose (amateur/professional) female athletes as a focus to study their relation to the environment in order to amplify or sonify their performed sounds. I want to map out and (de-)construct the acoustical properties of an environment and its inhabitants through sound/music. During my residency in Gouvernement in Gent, I will make (field & wireless) recordings and film the event on March 11th in Malinas Skatepark, as a starting point towards developing my project. The first try-out will be presented at Gouvernement at the end of March.

– Inne Eysermans